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Plan, distribute & measure

Powerful and successful marketing does not start with an ad, TV commercial or web banner. It starts with the process which runs at the back. How to get a unique insightful marketing plan? How do I ensure that timely and efficient marketing communications come about? And how do I measure whether a campaign is successful or not?

Marktinc offers a total web based software solution for all these issues. Request a live demo for Marktinc's marketing planning today, or view the demo video.

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Your marketing plans always up to date

Marketers all have their own version of a marketing planning or marketing schedule for their marketing project management. In 99% this will be an Excel based spreadsheet or series of spreadsheets. Even more important, in 99% these marketing plans are outdated or inaccurate!

This is a highly inefficient method to manage your marketing planning. In contrast, Marktinc's marketing planning software provides instant and live access to all activities in all regions.

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Why using Marktinc?

  1. Always insight into your current marketing plannings
  2. Instant insight into your marketing budgets, expenditures and reports
  3. Everyone works with the same updated marketing plannings
  4. Quick and easy manageble financial report printouts
  5. Set different user permissions
  6. Up and running in just 1 day and very reasonably priced

Finally no more Excel marketing calendars...

Marktinc's marketing planning offers a clear insight into your marketing calendar, marketing expenses and marketing results. Request a live live demo aan!